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Creating an RFC Destination in the ABAP SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure


This RFC destination is required to integrate the BW system and the portal. You can enter this RFC destination in table RSPOR_T_PORTAL in activity Maintain Portal Server Settings for the Portal so that the RFC destination is recognized as the connected portal. The RFC destination is used for communication between the BW system and the portal.

  1. Start the transaction Display and Maintain RFC Destinations (transaction code SM59).

  2. Choose Create .

  3. Maintain the RFC destination:

    • RFC destination: <RFC_DESTINATION>

    • Connection type: T for TCP/IP connection

    • Description <Description>

    • Technical Settings:

      • Activation type: Registered server program



        Note that this entry must be identical to the program ID that you specified when creating the destination for this BW system in the Application Server Java.

      • Gateway Host: <GATEWAY_HOST>

      • Gateway Service: sapgw<SYSTEM_NUMMER>

    • Logon/Security

      • Send SAP logon ticket: Activate

  4. Save your entries.

Detailed Information About the Settings

Name of the RFC Destination :

The name of the RFC destination for a portal should be selected carefully.

The name of the RFC destination is saved in the information broadcasting settings. It is necessary to save it in this way to uniquely identify the connected portal that is used to integrate with Knowledge Management.


The broadcast settings can be transported between BW systems. The name of the RFC destination should therefore be identical in the source and target systems.

The name recommended by SAP for the RFC destination to the connected portal is <BW_SID>_<PORTAL_HOSTNAME>_<PORTAL_SID>. It must match the name for the registered server program (see below).

Connection Type :

Connection Type Select a connection type T for TCP/IP Connection .

Description of the RFC Destination :

You can maintain the description of the RFC destination language dependently. The language-dependent description is used when publishing iViews from BEx Web Application Designer and BEx Query Designer if multiple portals are connected to the BW system.

Activation Type :

Select Registered Server Program as the activation type.

Registered Server Program :

The server program is set up under the program ID on the Application Server Java. The recommended naming convention is <BW_SID>_<PORTAL_HOSTNAME>_<PORTAL_SID>. This name must match the name of the RFC destination (see below).

Gateway Options :

Under Gateway Options , enter the gateway host and the gateway service with which the Application Server Java communicates with the BW system. The gateway host, which is an application server for the BW system, and the gateway service can be formed generically using sapgw<SYSTEM_NUMBER>. You can find the parameters for the gateway with the Gateway Monitor transaction (transaction SMGW), by choosing Start of the navigation path Goto  Next navigation step Parameter  Next navigation step Display End of the navigation path.

Send SAP Logon Ticket :

On the Logon & Security tab page, activate the Send SAP Logon Ticket option.

UniCode :

If the BW system is a Unicode system, you need to activate the Unicode option on the MDMP & Unicode tab page.


If the RFC destination is also set up on the Application Server Java, you can test the connection by choosing Test Connection .