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Prerequisites for Initial Configuration of BI JavaLocate this document in the navigation structure


Before starting automatic configuration of BI Java, make sure that the following conditions are met:

Set Up Single Sign-On

To include portal content in BEx Web Application Designer, you need SSO tickets that are created in the BW system. To call BEx Web Applications in the portal, the BW system has to accept the SSO tickets from the portal.

  1. To use Single Sign-On (SSO), install SAPSECULIB on each of the BW system's application servers. SSO software does not need to be installed on the client PC.

  2. Use report RSPARAM to check the following profile parameters:


    The profile parameter generates SSO tickets in the BW system. These are required for communication between the BW system and the portal. Value 2 indicates that the certificate is self signed.


    The profile parameter indicates that the BW system accepts SSO tickets from other systems (such as the portal) if the relevant certificate has been imported.

  3. Change the profile parameters if necessary. More information: Changing Profile Parameters for SSO

    You need to restart the system after saving your changes.

Set Up Personal Security Environment (PSE)

To export certificates from the BW system, system PSE must be set up properly. Check the status of system PSE and create it again in the Trust Manager if required. Use the initial values displayed in Trust Manager.

More information:

Trust Manager

Creating or Replacing PSE

Set Up Network Services

The network services have been configured.

More information:

SAP Note 52959 Information published on SAP site

Documentation about Network Services in the SAP NetWeaver Security Guide

Create Logon Group

For user entries during configuration of the connection between ABAP and Java systems, you need a logon group. Check in logon group maintenance (transaction SMLG) that the logon group for your BW system has been created.

More information: Configuring Logon Groups

Set Up Users

Make sure that the user for the administrator and the SAPJSF user in the BW system has been created and that both of these have been assigned to role SAP_BC_JSF_COMMUNICATION and profiles S_BW_RFC and S_BI-WX_RFCA.

Specify Http Port

Make sure that you have specified the http port of your BW system's message server.

Install True Type Fonts

If you use https, the true type fonts need to be installed as described in SAP Note 1028690 Information published on SAP site.

Add-In Installation (Dual Stack)

If a dual stack is installed, the ABAP and Java stack run as one system on a single server. This can be done using the add-in installation. During add-in installation, a Java stack is installed on an existing ABAP stack.

With this type of installation, AS ABAP and AS Java have the same system IDs (SIDs). This results in import problems and problems with certificates if you use the automated configuration. To avoid these problems, you need to make the settings described in SAP Note 917950 Information published on SAP site under Additional Information.

More Information

SAP Note 983156 Information published on SAP site contains further details about the prerequisites for automatic configuration of BI Java.