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Problems that can occur in the environment of ITSmobile templates include:



Publishing: Changes in templates are not performed or are not visible.

This error can have the following causes:

  • The template has not been republished on the INTERNAL site after the change.

    Check whether the integrated ITS is selected in transaction SE80 by choosing Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step Settings Next navigation step Internet Transaction Server Next navigation step Publish End of the navigation path.

  • There are still older files in the cache, and these are being used. Reset the cache involved. The following caches are involved for HTML-based services:

    • ITS template cache: Contains a runtime version of the template required for performance optimization. If necessary, you can reset the cache manually in transaction SITSPMON, on the Template & Mime Cache tab page.

    • ICMAN-Cache: This cache optimizes the accesses to static content, such as JavaScript and GIF files. You can reset this cache with transaction SMICM by choosing Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step HTTP Plugin Next navigation step HTTP Server Cache End of the navigation path.

    • Broswer cache: In the case of changes in JavaScript files, for example, you need to reset the browser cache so that the changed JavaScript files are transferred to the browser again.

Instance/application servers are not identical.

If your template changes do not take effect, although you have published the changes, check whether you performed the template change and the service test on the same application server.

HTMLB syntax errors.

If your changed templates contain HTMLB syntax errors, they will only become apparent when the template/service is executed. Syntax errors lead to an ABAP short dump.

You can obtain more information about the error in transaction ST22. Depending on the error that occurred, the ABAP short dump might contain the template name, line number, and/or column that were identified by the HTMLB interpreter as containing errors. In particular, check the changed lines before the specified error line.