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You can read the data saved in a near-line storage when executing a query or an analysis process.

You can set access to data in near-line storage either in the properties of the InfoProvider or in the properties of the query created on the InfoProvider. You can also create a variable on characteristic 0NEARLINE. This allows you to decide at runtime whether to read from the near-line storage.

In the default setting, access to data in near-line storage is deactivated, even if a data archiving process with near-line storage exists for an InfoProvider.

In Analysis Process Designer, you can activate InfoProviders for the data source for the purpose of reading the data in near-line storage. In the default setting, access to data in near-line storage is deactivated.



  1. On the editing screen for an InfoProvider, choose Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation step InfoProvider Properties Next navigation step Change End of the navigation path. You can make the required setting in the NLS Usage field.

For the query:

  1. Start Query Designer by choosing Start of the navigation path Business Explorer Next navigation step Query Designer End of the navigation path.

  2. Select your Query.

  3. Choose Start of the navigation path Properties Next navigation step Advanced End of the navigation path.

  4. Under Usage of Near-line Storage you have various options:

    • Near-line access is deactivated.

      The query does not access the data, even if the data has been stored in a near-line storage. A setting in an InfoProvider (contained in a MultiProvider) that allows this access to occur, overwrites these settings.

      If you have deactivated access in the InfoProvider settings, you cannot activate it again in the query properties.

    • Near-line access is not possible.

      This setting cannot be selected by a user. The setting is only important for the system default, if the relevant InfoProvider type does not support near-line storage or if there is a data archiving process with ADK-based archiving for an InfoProvider.

    • Near-line access is activated.

      Access to data in a near-line storage is possible if

      • there is a data archiving process for the InfoProvider,

      • the InfoProvider is connected to a near-line storage and

      • the selection conditions of the navigation step intersect with the previously archived data area.

        This setting allows access to all the InfoProviders in a MultiProvider that fulfill predefined conditions (even if access is deactivated in an InfoProvider).

    • Near-line access depends on the InfoProvider setting.

      This option is only relevant for a MultiProvider. If this option is activated, the setting for each individual InfoProvider in the MultiProvider comes into effect.

  5. Save your entries.

For the analysis process:

  1. You are in the analysis process designer. Select your analysis process.

  2. Go to the editing screen of the InfoProvider data source. Set the flag Read Data from Near-Line Storage.

  3. Save and activate the analysis process.


When the query/analysis process is executed, the data in near-line storage is either read or not read, depending on the settings made.