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Function module RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ_RFC reads data from the InfoProvider whose technical name is specified in parameter I_INFOPROV. Supported InfoProviders are currently InfoCubes, DataStore objects and MultiProviders.

See the information in the function module documentation in the BW system.




Reads data from an InfoProvider

Interface Properties:

  • Read interface

  • Programming language is ABAP

  • Mass data is supported (check that the interface is used efficiently: parallel calls, filter criteria, buffering and so on)

  • Execution in the dialog

  • Programming knowledge is required

  • Data has to be in an InfoProvider

More information:

The APIs are described in the function module documentation

ABAP Report RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ_DEMO contains an example of how the function module can be used. You can find this in the ABAP Editor.