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The initial screen of the Web Administration Interface contains the following information and administration options in the detail area on the right-hand side:

  • Basic Information: Here you can see the status, trace level, and PID of the ICM process. Possible statuses are green light running and yellow light maintenance. You can change the status using the context menu. With the right mouse button click on the status to change the status of the ICM, to shut down the SAP Web Dispatcher, or to reload configuration data. In the running status you get the following context menu:

    Context Menu ICM

    The menu items have the following meaning.

Menu Item


Shutdown Internet Communication Manager

Shut down ICM


Once it is shut down the Web administration interface is no longer available. You must then restart the process from the command line or the Management Console.

Enter Maintenance Mode

Puts the ICM into maintenance mode.

Reload Configuration

Updates configuration data. In detail, this means:

  • Invalidates the buffer of the host name.

  • Invalidates the server cache.

  • Exits from the maintenance mode if this was active.

  • Reload filter rules

    A changed profile cannot be applied when the SAP Web dispatcher is running. It has to be restarted.

  • Connection Information: Here you can see the number of threads created (if needed, a maximum of icm/max_threads new threads can be created) with current, minimum, and maximum values (you can reset these in the context menu). Also includes the number of connections in use, and the number of entries in the queue. You can get a picture of the capacity utilization of the ICM.

    Connection Information

  • Detailed information about individual worker threads: For each thread you can see the ID, status, and the number of processed requests.

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