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Viewing EJB Monitoring InformationLocate this document in the navigation structure


To view EJB monitoring information:

  1. Navigate to http://<server>:<port>/nwa to start the SAP NetWeaver Administrator.


    <server> is the AS Java where the Adobe document services are installed and <port> is the HTTP port of the AS Java.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Availability and Performance Management Next navigation step  Resource Monitoring Next navigation step  History Reports End of the navigation path.

  3. Choose the Monitor Browser tab.

  4. In the Monitoring List , set the filter /Services/Document Services EJB Monitor and change the show view to Inactive/Not used . To view information, choose any of the following items:

    • Config Versions : Lists each XDC or XCI file installed, and the version number for each file

    • Credential Alias Entries : Lists the alias, expiry date and status of each credential installed

    • Credential Status : States the current status of all credentials. The Green icon beside this item in the tree indicates that all credentials are valid

    • Exceeded EJB Instances : Displays number of EJB instances that exceed the XML Form Module PoolMax property. Use this information to determine if additional CPUs are required to handle all the EJB requests. For information about setting the PoolMax property, see Configuring Multi-Processing .

    • Request Count : Displays the total number of transactions. Choose History to view the transaction numbers according to various time intervals.

    • Request Duration : Displays the average duration of each EJB request since the server startup

  5. Choose the Configuration tab to configure the details of each item.