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In the JMS Server Configuration: Overview screen of the SAP NetWeaver Administrator you can view and manage the JMS Provider configuration on the AS Java. You can create and remove JMS resources (connection factories and destinations) and virtual providers. You can configure their current state as well by setting their properties in the Details section.


You have opened the Start of the navigation path Configuration Next navigation step Infrastructure Next navigation step JMS Server Configuration End of the navigation path function of SAP NetWeaver Administrator.


Managing JMS Virtual Providers

Select JMS Virtual Providers from the Show dropdown menu.

Creating and Removing JMS Virtual Providers

  1. To create a JMS virtual provider, choose Create . In the dialog box that appears, specify the name of the virtual provider and choose Save .

  2. To remove a virtual provider, select the virtual provider you want to delete and choose the Remove button.


    You have to be careful when you delete a virtual provider because this may cause some applications to stop running.

Configuring JMS Virtual Providers

Configuring the Global Default Properties of the JMS Provider Service

You can configure global properties of JMS virtual providers via the Config Tool.

  1. Start the Config Tool by double-clicking the configtool script file in <SAP_install_dir>/<system_name>/<instance_name>/j2ee/configtool directory and expand the nodes Start of the navigation path cluster-data Next navigation step template Next navigation step services Next navigation step jms_provider End of the navigation path.

  2. If necessary, choose Start of the navigation path View Next navigation step Expert Mode End of the navigation path.

  3. If you want to distribute all of the JMS virtual providers you have between the server nodes, set the value of hostMultipleVPs key to true. Otherwise you have only one virtual provider on a node and if the number of the virtual providers is larger than the nodes, some of the virtual providers are not started and some of your applications may stop running.

  4. To apply the changes, you have to restart the Application Server cluster.

Configuring JMS Virtual Providers Locally (per Provider)

  1. To manage the properties of a particular JMS virtual provider properties, select the provider, then choose Edit .

  2. In the Details area, choose the Details tab.

  3. Customize the settings, as necessary.

    You can also specify the local JMS virtual provider properties in the jms-resources.xml deployment descriptor. The following table shows the correspondence between the online-configurable properties and the jms-resources.xml elements:

    Property in SAP NetWeaver Administrator

    Property in jms-resources.xml

    DataSource Name


    Running Mode


    Clean Up Service Sleep Interval (milliseconds)


    Client Memory Size (bytes)


    Client Consumer Buffer Size (bytes)


    Cache Size Limit (bytes)


    For more information about the properties you want to configure, see Property Reference .

  4. To save your changes, choose Save .

Creating and Configuring JMS Resources

  1. To create and configure JMS resources, select JMS Resources from the Show dropdown menu. The following table describes the different tasks you can do and how to do them:



Create a new topic or queue

  1. In the JMS Resource List area, choose Start of the navigation path Create Next navigation step JMS Topic (or JMS Queue) End of the navigation path.

  2. In the dialog box that appears, specify the name of the new topic or queue.

  3. Select a Virtual Provider and choose Save .

Edit the settings of a topic or a queue

  1. Select the topic or queue to be edited in the JMS Resource List .

  2. Choose Edit .

  3. In the Details area, choose the Details tab.

  4. Edit the properties you want to change. When ready, choose Save .

Create a new connection factory

  1. In the JMS Resource List area, choose Start of the navigation path Create Next navigation step JMS Connection Factory End of the navigation path.

  2. In the dialog box that appears, specify the Lookup Name of the new connection factory.

  3. Select the Type of the connection factory.

  4. Select a Virtual Provider , then choose Save .

Remove a resource

Select the resource to be removed in the JMS Resource List , then choose Remove .

More information about the details displayed for a resource: JMS Details Description

Monitoring the JMS Provider

You can monitor the JMS Provider using the SAP NetWeaver Administrator. To access the monitors you have to:

  1. Open the SAP NetWeaver Administrator and choose Start of the navigation path Availability and Performance Next navigation step Resource Monitoring Next navigation step History Reports End of the navigation path.

  2. Choose the Monitor Browser tab.

  3. Using the Show dropdown list, specify whether you want to display the active or inactive monitors.

  4. To display the JMS provider monitors, enter /services/jms in the filter row of the Name column.

  5. To display the configuration details of a particular monitor, select the monitor.

    The Monitor Details area opens.

  6. To switch the selected monitor on or off, choose the Activate or Deactivate pushbutton, respectively.

  7. If necessary, change the values of certain properties of the monitor. You can also restore their server-default values. To apply the changed values, choose Save .

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