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Configuring iView PropertiesLocate this document in the navigation structure


This is an optional configuration procedure to configure the UWL iView display and behavior.

In the portal, choose:

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  • Right-click on Universal Worklist and select Start of the navigation path Open Next navigation step Properties End of the navigation path.


    To see all Universal Worklist properties, select All from the Properties tab.

    From the Shown Category drop-down list, choose the UWL category.

Configure the UWL iView properties shown in the following table.

iView Property


Default Behavior for displaying Substituted Tasks

Determines the default position of the substitution user selector. This radio button is available in the UWL inbox only if the currently logged in user is substituting one or more users having tasks in their inbox.

Possible values:

AllItems – displays items from all substituted users.

MyItems – displays items of the current user.

Display Connection Status

Indicates if connection status icon link should be displayed.

Possible values:

None - does not display anything at all.

Show - displays icon, but do not indicate any errors.

ShowIndicateError - display warning icon when error occurs.

Display Preview

Flag to indicate preview panel is displayed or not with the UWL list view. Set the default for all users, this can also be personalized by the user.

Display Substituted User Selector

Controls visibility of the substitution user selector.

Possible values:

True – displays user selector.

False - hides user selector.

Note The substitution user selector will be displayed if there is at least one work item in one of the substituted user inboxes.

Display UWL Overview Page

Controls initial UWL look.

Possible values:

True - displays UWL tabs only, in a hierarchical overview look.

False - displays the UWL tabs and view dropdown options, and the list of corresponding work items in a tabular form.

Display UWL Support Information

Displays the Support information section for all UWL iViews.

For more information, see: Removing Actions From the UWL Display.

Propagate Change of Work Item State

Note As a prerequisite, you need to have the Real-Time Messaging Framework enabled.

Relevant to the Web Dynpro Application UWLDetail of Web Dynpro Deployable Object Use when the UWLDetail application is opened in a new window and decision actions are configured.

Possible values:

True - when you execute decision action, the change of item state is propagated to the Universal Worklist main window.

False - change of state is not propagated.

List of Display Attribute to Exclude from Preview/Detail Area

List of display attributes that you do not want to be displayed in the Preview/Detail area.

List of Preview Sections to Hide

List of sections in the preview area that you do not want to see.

Use comma to separate multiple entries when you enter more than one value.

Possible values:


List of UWL Actions to Exclude

List of actions that you do not want to be displayed on the UWL page. For more information, see Removing Actions From the UWL Display .

Maximum number of Dynamic views to be added

You can disable the Dynamic View by modifying the UWL View (See the DTD for details).

The default value is 7. Enter a value equal to or greater than 1

Number of Rows to Display in UWL Table (-1 for default)

Determines the maximum number of rows in a UWL table. The default value removes the restriction.


Changes the default UWL.

Determines the UWL View that will be displayed when the UWL iView is loaded. A UWL View with the name equal to the value specified in this property must exist in the effective UWL XML configuration.

Show Options Menu at the End of the UWL Navigation Header

Flag to indicate if the icon which when clicked displays drop down menu with special UWL Actions is displayed. When active, the icon is positioned at the right corner of the navigation header.

System Configuration Group

Defines the name of the group of backend systems to be accessed by this UWL iView. The backend systems for the group are defined with the procedure described in Register the SAP Systems.


Changes the default UWL navigation node. Each UWL iView instance can get its own navigation model specified through this property.

UWL Navigation Style

To hide the navigation area of the UWL, the style can be set to None for this property.

Wait Duration Before Calling Provider on Loading Preview

Introduces a delay in getting all the preview information (in seconds). This feature increases the performance.

Wait Duration Before Calling Provider on Loading of UWL

Relevant to the initial loading of every UWL Inbox user. It introduces the delay, corresponding to the value specified in seconds, in getting item data in the UWL table. The user interface displays cached data while waiting for the background calls to the providers. It allows instant browsing of items in the UWL table while current data is being retrieved in the background.

Possible values are:

Values greater than 0 - determines the number of seconds for the background call to complete. If the call takes more seconds than the specified in this property, the UI displays a wait icon and waits for the background call to finish.

Value 0 – specifies zero value to configure UWL, so that on the initial loading, no items are displayed until the current actual data is retrieved from the work item providers.

Values less than 0 - displays workitems from the cache. The absolute value of this property determines the time to trigger UWL UI to refresh to display actual data from the updated UWL cache. The negative value configures UWL to skip showing the Waiting for update message on the initial loading.

To manage UWL Substitution properties choose the UWL Substitution category from the Show Category drop-down list.

iView Property


Add ALL Substitution Profile as Default

Determines if the Assign these tasks list in the Create Substitution Rule Wizard contains substitution profile All.

Possible values:

True – the list contains the All profile.

False – the list does not contain the All profile.

Disable Substitution Profiles

Disables the Assign these tasks list in the Create Substitution Rule Wizard.

Possible values:

True - the list is disabled.

False - the list is enabled.

Disable Turn on/off Buttons

Determines if the turn on/turn off buttons are available in theManage Substitution Rules window.

Possible values:

True - buttons are available.

False - buttons are hidden (not available).

Display Create/Delete buttons

Determines if the Create rule and Delete buttons are available in the Manage Substitution Rules window.

Possible values:

True – buttons are available.

False - buttons are hidden (not available).

Hide Rule Activation Column

Determines if the Rule Activation column is available in the My Substitution Rules table.

Possible values:

True - column is available.

False - column is hidden (not available).

Specify Whether Lables of Empty Attributes Should Be Displayed

Controls the way how the task attributes with empty values are displayed.

True – displays the empty attributes

False – hides the empty attributes

Set UWL Inbox Table to Read-Only

Specifies whether or not the data in the UWL Inbox Table can be edited.

True- the data in the table cannot be edited.

False- the data in the table can be edited.