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The SAP NetWeaver Application Server is fully compliant with the Java EE 5 standards. You can develop enterprise applications as Java EE 5 modules, and thus benefit from the numerous advantages the new standard introduces. Besides the runtime support, the SAP NetWeaver Application Server provides development support for Java EE 5. The SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio provides convenient tools for developing, deploying, and debugging Java EE 5 applications.

This section contains a comprehensive description of the development process and tools that support you in Java EE 5 application development tasks. It is structured in the following subsections:

  • Getting Started

    Contains a quick start tutorial that explains how to build your first Java EE 5 application in 10 minutes.

  • Concepts

    Provides an overview of the key technologies available in the SAP NetWeaver Application Server and the respective tools that support development with these technologies.

  • Tasks

    Describes in detail how to perform the basic development tasks using the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

  • Using AS Java APIs

    Describes using Java EE 5 APIs in the context of Application Server Java.

  • Reference

    Contains reference information about deployment descriptors and a tutorial explaining how to build a real-life Java EE 5 application with the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.