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In production mode, a change in the JSP page on the file system of the portal does not cause the JSP to be recompiled. For performance reasons, the page recompiles, if necessary, only when the application containing the page is redeployed.

During development and testing, it may be easier to make changes to a JSP on the file system than to make changes in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and then redeploy the application. Therefore, in development mode, the JSP page is checked to see if it was modified each time the page is called.


Use SAP NetWeaver Administratorl to complete this task:

  1. To modify the properties of the Web Container Service using SAP NetWeaver Administrator, use the Java System Properties function. For more information, see Java System Properties .

  2. In the Services tab, select Web Container Service.

    On the Extended Details tab page, a list of all service properties is displayed.

  3. Find the ProductionMode property in the list of properties and set its value to true .

    When set to true , if a class file is already generated for the JSP file, this class is used no matter if the JSP file is modified.

  4. Choose Save .