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You can configure the AS Java to log HTTP access information (such as the requested resource, the time the request arrived, a summary of the response and so on) to an HTTP access log file. In addition, you have the option of choosing the format the information is logged in.

To configure this AS Java behavior, you use several properties of the HTTP Provider Service.

If you need to collect HTTP access log for the entire instance rather than for each server node separately, you have to enable the same feature on ICM instead.


Activating the generation of logging or tracing information reduces the performance of the HTTP communication. Therefore, you have to consider this trade-off carefully when you configure logging and tracing, especially on productive systems.


You configure the HTTP access logging by following this sequence:

  1. Determine whether logging is enabled at all as described in Configuring the General Properties .

  2. Choose the format the information is logged in as described in Logging in Common Log File Format .

  3. If information is logged in the SAP-proprietary log format, you can configure that additional information is logged as described in the Logging Additional Information .