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Configuring Logon Groups Using Configuration FilesLocate this document in the navigation structure


Using this procedure you can configure logon groups using text files, for example, icrgroups.txt and urlinfo.txt files.


  1. Create the icrgroups.txt and urlinfo.txt files that define the logon groups.

    More information: SAP Web Dispatcher

  2. Define the location of the files in the SAP Web Dispatcher and the AS Java:

    1. configure the wdisp/J2EE/group_info_location and wdisp/J2EE/url_map_location parameters in SAP Web Dispatcher's profile.

    2. configure the GroupInfoLocation and UrlMapLocation in the HTTP Provider service in AS Java.

      1. Open the SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

      2. Open the HTTP Provider service running on server process.

      3. Add the corresponding URLs as values of the GroupInfoLocation and UrlMapLocation properties.

      4. Save the settings of the properties.


        Be aware that when an AS Java receives a request containing this special URL, it returns a response with sensitive information, which contains data about your cluster setup.