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HTTP Provider Service provides the low-level communication and transportation services for the AS Java Web Container to work properly. It is a service that implements Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) version 1.1 (specified by RFC 2616).

HTTP is a request-response protocol. Based on that paradigm, HTTP Provider Service takes care of parsing the URL of the incoming HTTP requests, dispatching them to the proper AS Java's module for processing, and returning the generated responses back to the client. It provides important features to secure a robust, high performance communication infrastructure for running high-volume business Web applications.

HTTP Provider Service is a session service, that is, it runs on both dispatcher and server nodes. That allows for using load balancing algorithms and fast requests processing.

From a client's point of view, HTTP Provider Service, together with Internet Communication Manager (ICM), represents a server socket that listens for client HTTP connections to the AS Java.


HTTP Provider Service is an integral part of AS Java's Web Container. It is closely related to the Web Container Service , which represents an environment for running servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP) components, and JavaServer Faces (JSF) components. HTTP Provider Service, together with ICM, is the underlying communication module that transfers HTTP responses generated by Web applications' dynamic content back to the client.


Some of the most important features of the HTTP Provider Service are:

  • Optimal support for HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 features such as persistent connections, client caching, and so on.

  • Support for communication through proxy environment

  • Support for multipart request parsing

    For more information, see Request Parsing .

  • Support for Virtual Host Configuration

  • Support for applying gzip transfer encoding to requests and responses to static Web resources

  • Support Session Security Protection

You can perform the following tasks with the HTTP Provider Service:

All tasks can be performed using SAP NetWeaver Administrator , except for configuring reverse proxy servers, which can be configured offline, using the Config Tool . Alternatively, for some of them you can use Telnet (using the HTTP shell command group).

For more information, see Administration Using Telnet .