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HTTP Access Logging Specifics When Using Solution Manager DiagnosticsLocate this document in the navigation structure


As part of the setup of the Solution Manager Diagnostics (SMD), you have to configure certain HTTP Provider service logging properties. As a result, you override the default HTTP access logging behavior in a particular case, which is described below.


For more information about the default HTTP access logging behavior, see Logging in Common Log File Format and Logging Additional Information .

For more information about the SMD setup, see SAP Service Marketplace at Supportability .


The system distinguished if the special tracing for SMD purposes is needed based on an SAP-proprietary HTTP header named X-CorrelationID . If the value of the LogHeaderValue property of the HTTP Provider service is set to X-CorrelationID , then requests that contain an X-CorrelationID header are logged in the additional trace file smdresponses.<n>.trc . By default, the AS Java uses the file system directory <ASJava_home>/cluster/server<N>/log/system/httpaccess for the location of this trace file.

All other HTTP requests are logged according to the default HTTP access logging behavior.