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Configuring the General PropertiesLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can use this procedure to configure the following functions of a virtual host:

  • Configure the document root of the host as well as the start page that is displayed to the client if the document root of this host is requested

  • Enable/disable logging of requests and responses to/from this host

  • Enable/disable the use of persistent HTTP connections

  • Manage the virtual host's cache

  • Allow/disallow the virtual host to list the content of the requested directory.


  1. In the Virtual Hosts tab page, select your host from the list.

  2. In the General tab in the Details screen area, configure the necessary functions as described in the following table:



    Configure the root directory

    Specify the absolute path to the document root directory of your virtual host in the Root Directory .

    Configure the start page

    Specify the path (relative to the document root of the virtual host) to the HTML file that you want to use as a start page in the Start Page .

    Enable/disable logging

    Select/deselect Log Responses .

    Enable/disable the use of persistent HTTP connections

    Select/deselect Keep Alive .

    Allow/disallow listing of directory content

    Select/deselect Directory List .

  3. To save your settings, choose Save .