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BI Content is shipped in the delivery version (D version). Before you can work with BI Content objects, you have to copy them from the delivery version (D version) to the active version (A version). This means that you must activate the BI Content.

You can collect the delivered BI Content in the function area BI Content of the Data Warehousing Workbench and copy it to the active version. This ensures that all additional required objects are automatically included, together with the activation sequence. You can choose whether to copy, match, or not install the BI Content objects.


If you do not compare the versions, the delivery version is used and the active customer version is overwritten when you activate the BI Content.

We recommend installing BI Content objects in the following cases:

  • After a BI Content release upgrade

    An upgrade to a new BI Content release usually contains a large number of new and modified BI Content objects. If you want to use the new and modified BI Content, you have to reinstall the BI Content objects. See the comments in the Release Notes for BI Content documentation for the release in question. They are available at Start of the navigation path Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step BI Content End of the navigation path. In some cases, we recommend installing the A versions of certain objects.

  • After installing a Content support package

    See the SAP Notes delivered with each Content support package. These SAP Notes explain why certain BI Content objects are being redelivered.


Make sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • Make sure that the metadata has already been replicated for the SAP source systems that you want to activate BI Content for. The delivery versions for objects that are not source system-dependent are only available for BI Content activation after replication.

    More information: Replication of DataSources

  • Make sure that the source system is activated for non-replicating source systems (non-SAP: file, UD Connect, DB Connect, Web service). The delivery versions for source system-dependent objects are not available for activation of BI Content until the source system has been activated.


The system activates the source system when it creates it and when it assigns a BI Content version to the source system.


To copy BI Content objects to the active version, proceed as follows:

  1. In the main BW menu, choose Start of the navigation path BI Modeling Next navigation step Data Warehousing Workbench: BI Content End of the navigation path (transaction RSOR). If you are already in the Data Warehousing Workbench, select BI Content by pressing the relevant pushbutton in the navigation window on the left or by choosing Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Install BI Content End of the navigation path.


    You can display or hide the left navigation window of the Data Warehousing Workbench using Navigation Window On/ Off.

  2. Collect the objects you want to activate and check your BI Content activation settings for Install, Match or Copy and Active Version Available.

    More information: Collecting Objects

  3. With Install, define how you want to install the BI Content:

    Installation Type


    Simulate Installation

    The system runs a test to find out if errors are likely to occur during installation. However, not all errors that might occur can be identified during simulation: Some error messages can only be generated if there is a real A version (not just a simulation) in the system. You should therefore only use the simulation function as a rough guide to help you identify and remove basic errors.


    The selected objects are installed immediately.

    Install in Background

    The selected objects are installed in the background.

    Install and Transport

    The selected objects are installed immediately and then written to a transport request.


If you have a large number of objects, SAP recommends you use the Install in Background option because installing a large number of objects can take a long time. Modifying objects that are already active can take an especially long time to complete.

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