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  • The user account you use is allowed to access the sequence monitor. For more information, see Authorizations .


Restarting a Sequence

  1. Select a sequence with the status Faulty .

  2. Choose Restart Selected Sequence .

    You can also execute a restart for sequences with the status Active to trigger the sequence manually without waiting for an automatic retry. The system automatically performs a retry three times, with five minutes in between each retry on the provider side. On consumer side an exponential backoff is used for automatic retries.

    After you have restarted the sequence, the status of the messages changes from Non Delivered to Delivering. When the messages are delivered, the status changes to Delivered.

As soon as a sequence has been successfully restarted, an appropriate message appears in the sequence overview.

Rejecting a Sequence

  1. Select a sequence with the status Faulty or Active.

  2. Choose Reject Selected Sequence .

    If you reject a sequence, the status of all messages is set to Failed . If a message has the status Delivered this status remains the same.

    Before the sequence is terminated, the status of the messages could look like this:

    Message 2 and 4 have the status Delivering. Message 1 has the status Delivered.

    After termination, the status of messages 2 and 4 changes to Failed .

    The status of the sequence is changed from Active to Terminated.