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Adding Application Aliases to a Logon GroupLocate this document in the navigation structure


You determine which applications are accessible from a logon group by adding their application aliases to its configurations. Aliases can be defined in two ways that affect the way they are used to request the application:

  • If the application alias is added to the Aliases list of the logon group, then you must use the logon group name next to this alias (separated by the zone separator symbol) in order to request the application. For example, if myapp alias is defined in the Aliases list of the mygroup logon group, then the request URL should be: http://<host>:<port>/myapp~mygroup/<resource> .

  • If you want to add only a part of the URL, use the Prefixes list of the logon group. For example, if you add the string my/prefix in the Prefixes list, requests to all applications with aliases that start with my/prefix (including my/prefix ) will be processed within this logon group, for example, my/prefix/a , my/prefix/b , or my/prefix/a/b .

    The prefix has to be followed by a slash (/) in the required URL to match the pattern.

  1. In the Logon Groups tab page, select the logon group that you need to configure.

  2. To add an application alias that is used in combination with the logon group's name, in the Details screen area below, choose the Aliases tab and then Add Aliases .

  3. Choose the aliases that you want to add from the list of application aliases of all deployed applications.

  4. Choose OK .

To add prefixes, use the Prefixes tab and follow the above procedure.