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Virtual hosting is a concept that refers to the option of specifying several virtual hosts within a Web server, each responding to different URL. Each of the different virtual hosts can have different set of settings that affect HTTP requests processing. These are name-based virtual hosts, that is, each host name is mapped to a single real IP address of the server or the cluster of servers. You can do this mapping using your Domain Name System (DNS).

To gain in flexibility by providing different configuration settings for each of the virtual hosts, you have to use virtual hosting.

Using SAP NetWeaver Administrator, you can create new virtual hosts and configure existing ones for all registered systems.


The options for creating a new virtual host are described in Creating a New Virtual Host .

For each virtual host, you can configure the following properties:


To show the overview page for existing virtual hosts, in SAP NetWeaver Administrator, choose Start of the navigation path Configuration  Next navigation step Infrastructure  Next navigation step  Java HTTP Provider Configuration  Next navigation step  Virtual Hosts End of the navigation path , or use the search. The Virtual Hosts tab contains a table listing all virtual hosts on all registered systems.

If you select a virtual host from the list, the configuration settings for it are displayed in the Details screen area below.