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Providing Custom Response Messages When Requesting Stopped ApplicationsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can provide an HTML page with custom-defined layout and content to be returned to the user in cases when he or she requests an application that is currently stopped. By default, the Web Container returns an AS Java-specific look-and-feel page with a standard message.


The custom page you can specify can only be an HTML page (not a JSP, or other web format).

To make the custom page available, you must use the ApplicationStoppedFile property of the Web Container Service.


Use the SAP NetWeaver Administrator tool to complete this task:

  1. To modify the properties of the Web Container Service using the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, use the Java System Properties function. For more information, see Java System Properties .

  2. In the Services tab, select Web Container Service.

    On the Extended Details tab page, a list of all service properties is displayed.

  3. Find the ApplicationStoppedFile property in the list of properties and enter the absolute path (on the server's local file system) to the HTML file as a value of it.

  4. Choose Save Changes.