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The standard procedure used in the delivery of BI Content by SAP is the model for the delivery of content by customers and partners. The basis of this process is BW object versioning:

SAP delivers BI content objects in the SAP delivery version (D version). These objects are imported into the customers system in the D version.

If the customer changes BI Content objects, these are saved in the M version. You need to transfer these objects into the active version (A version) to be able to work with them.


For more information about the object versions and delivery process of BI Content by SAP, see BW Versioning Concept.

Upgrading BI Content has no effect on BW objects that you already use productively, since only the D version is overwritten.

The following graphic shows how BI Content objects are used in a customer system with double delivery:


In the SAP content delivery system, BW objects are copied automatically to the D version when you activate them.

There are two logical transport objects for each BW object: An A and a D TLOGO object. In accordance with the system settings, the system writes the suitable TLOGO object to the transport request when transporting. When a content development system is involved, the system chooses the D TLOGO object.


For more information about transport-relevant metadata object types for BI, see Transportable Object Types.

The following graphic shows the delivery process for BI Content:

In the customer system, changes to BW objects are saved in the active version. However, they are not automatically copied to the D version when you activate them.