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To ensure that the selection of hierarchies is transferred when you transport an InfoPackage into the target BW system, you have to take into account the special considerations for transporting hierarchy InfoPackages.


When you import a hierarchy InfoPackage into the target system, the system checks whether the selected hierarchy is in tables RSOSOHIE and RSOSOHIET. If the entries in the target BW system do not match the source BW system, the target BW system deletes the hierarchy selection for the InfoPackage.


You proceed as follows:

  1. Transport a hierarchy InfoPackage for the relevant DataSource into the target BW system. The selections are not transferred because entries for this DataSource do not exist in tables RSOSOHIE and RSOSOHIET.

  2. In the target BW system, go to the scheduler. Under Available Hierarchies from OLTP, refresh the table containing the selected hierarchies.

  3. Select the Relevant for BW option for each hierarchy that you want to load later using the InfoPackage.

  4. Now transport the hierarchy InfoPackage. The selections are retained if the hierarchies have exactly the same name in the target BW as in the source BW.