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Special Features of Source System-Dependent ObjectsLocate this document in the navigation structure


As described in the section Object Dependencies and Consistency, the definition of BW objects can depend on other objects. Whereas for the consistent transport of objects that depend on other BW objects it is sufficient to collect the dependent objects on the same transport request, the dependency on non-transportable objects is a special challenge that explains the complexity in using these objects.

In BW systems, objects are not transported, but rather the metadata that is required to generate an object in the target system. Source-system dependent objects are notably dependent on circumstances in the target system. They can be distributed, even physically, to a BW system and to a source system. As a result, particular requirements often exist in relation to source-system dependent objects, such as the following:

  • An object that was created in the original system for a source system A, is to be created in the target system for one or more source systems B, C, D,...

  • Since the definition of a connection to a source system always depends on both sides, the source system and the BW system, an object that was created in both the source and target systems for one and the same source system physically has two different connections to this system.

Therefore, with source-system dependent objects, a logic runs that defines the name of and connection to the source system for which the import and activation of the content is to be executed.