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Defining Object ChangeabilityLocate this document in the navigation structure


Your system cannot be changed globally.


The standard transport system has two tasks:

  • In changeable (development) systems: Recording object changes in transport requests

  • In unchangeable (production) systems: Prohibiting object changes

In order to change objects of a specific object type that are globally set to not changeable in these systems of this type as well, you can set the individual object types to changeable in the Transport Connection function area of the Data Warehousing Workbench. This is necessary, for example, to be able to flexibly change the starting time of process chains in the production system or if you want to allow new queries to be created in the production system.


Note the following:

Objects of an object type that is set to "changeable" cannot be connected to the transport system any more. For this reason, we only recommend this process in productive systems.

New imports can overwrite the changes again.

Inconsistencies can arise if you allow object changeability in one of the systems in your system landscape.


  1. The Data Warehousing Workbench: Transport Connection screen is displayed. Choose Object Changeability.

    The Changeability of Object Types (if not changeable in system) screen appears. The system displays all the object types that you may allow to be changed. (This does not include structural objects, for example, InfoCubes).

  2. By double-clicking on the object type or choosing Toggle Changeability in the context menu on one of the rows, you can toggle between Not Changeable and Original Changeable.


    Originals are objects that are created in the system in question (and thus have not been imported there). If you only want to allow new objects to be created, choose Original Changeable. This option is especially suitable for queries.

  3. If you want to make both objects created in the system and imported objects changeable, choose Everything Changeable in the context menu for a row.


    This option is required, for example, if you need to make repairs or want to change flexible starting times.

  4. Choose Continue.


Objects of the selected object types exist in your system as changeable even if this system is globally set to not changeable. As a result, these objects are no longer connected to the transport system.