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The following table provides an overview of the DataSource properties that are relevant for transport, BI Content delivery, and BI Content activation.


Degree of dependency

Directly dependent

Type of dependency

Dependency in object key

Key technology


Active Object

Transport object


Object key

DataSource | source system | object version

Source system reference in data part


Reference to shadow object

Algorithmic using BI Content release type

Primary table


Import version


Object versions in primary table

A | M | T | Pseudo D

Shadow Object

Transport object for delivery


Object key

DataSource | BI Content-release type | BI Content version

BI Content version reference in data part


Identification for shadow version

Separate tables

Primary table


Pseudo D version

SAP systems: Is created by replicating the DataSource or by replicating the source system

Non-SAP systems: Is created by activating the source system


DataSource Maintenance in BW

Special Features

The pseudo D versions for replicating source systems are only created through replication. The transformation and DTP are also informed.

More information

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