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You are familiar with the version concept and object dependencies in SAP NetWeaver BW.


BI Content that is delivered to business areas by an SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) customer or consulting partner is referred to as customer or partner content. The functionality of customer or partner content complements and enhances the options for using the BI Content delivered by SAP. The concept and technical implementation of customer and partner content largely correspond to one another.


  1. Set up your own system landscape for creating and delivering customer content and make the relevant system settings.

    More information:

    System Landscape

    Making System Settings for Content Creation

  2. Define a namespace for your developments.

    More information: Using Namespaces for Developing BW Objects

  3. Develop you own Content in the BW and OLTP systems and ship the Content to your customers.

    More information: Creating and Delivering Customer Content

    More information about partner content: Creating and Delivering Partner Content.