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Setting Up Document IndexingLocate this document in the navigation structure


You have completed the activities described in the SAP Customizing Implementation Guide (IMG) under SAP NetWeaver Start of the navigation path Business Warehouse Next navigation step Documents for BW Objects End of the navigation path:

  • Creation of an RFC Destination in the BW System

  • Created a search server relation


On the Document Indexing tab page, you find all necessary functions for checking and changing the status of the index and the index job. The position of the functions on the tab page takes into account how often the individual functions are needed, according to the initial set-up of the index.

The following section looks at the sequence in which you have to (or can) call up the functions when setting up indexing for a search in documents for the first time.


You can find additional information about each of the functions under Tab Page: Document Indexing.


  1. Set the Indexing Status to On.

  2. If you have already edited documents without switching on the index, choose Re-Index All Documents.

  3. Schedule the index job using Schedule Indexing Job.

  4. Choose [ Job Overview Indexing and check whether the index job was successful. If you have chosen the start date value Immediately when scheduling the index job (step 4), you still have to release the job in the job overview.