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The following example illustrates the use of the option characteristic is a document property in InfoObejct maintenance (see Tab Page: General).


Comments are to be written in reports about the characteristic combination Country and Month..

The following comments are to be assigned to the characteristic value USA for the Country characteristic and the characteristic value "January" for the Month characteristic:

Sales were bad in January in the USA because the exchange rate for the dollar was extremely low

Technical Implementation

From a technical point of view, the comments are created with the document properties Country = USA and Month= January.

The characteristics Country and Month have to be activated with the indicator "Characteristic is document property". Under this condition, for each of these characteristics, a property (attribute) is generated in the model for document management ( Document Modeling Workbench).

Using the indicator "Characteristic is document property", you can establish, both technically and semantically, for which characteristics documents for InfoProvider data can be defined. All characteristics that are not activated as document property are not taken into account when documents are created or selected.

As needed, you can activate more characteristics as document property.


We recommend activating as few characteristics as possible as document properties so that the display and selection of documents remains clear.