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You use lists to output structured, formatted data. By default, the SAP system sends a list (basic list and secondary lists) to the output screen after creating it. This section describes how to send lists to the SAP spool system instead of the output screen.

Within ABAP, sending a list to the SAP spool system is generally called 'printing lists'. This, however, must not necessarily mean that the list is actually printed on a printer. You can also use the spool system to store a list temporarily, or to store lists in an optical archive instead of printing it. And you can use the spool system to archive or store lists instead of printing them.

ABAP offers two possibilities to print a list:

You can print a list after and while creating it.

Printing a List After Creating It

Printing a List While Creating It

To find out how to use the SAP spool system to store lists with SAP ArchiveLink, refer to:

Archiving Lists with SAP ArchiveLink

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For more information on the SAP spool system, refer to the SAP Printing Guide (BC-CCM-CRM) .