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The BW Security Manager for Documents protects and controls access to BW documents in Knowledge Management. It can be used for the CM repository, that is, for documents stored on the portal, and for the BW Document Repository Manager, that is, for documents stored on the BW server.


The BW Security Manager for Documents ensures secure access to documents in the portal by creating a connection to the BW system and checking the user access authorizations in the back end. This means that you do not need to maintain any additional authorization in KM and can ensure that users in KM can only display documents for which they have authorization.

The authorization checks performed by the BW Security Manager for Documents can reduce system performance.

The standard ACL Security Manager is faster in terms of performance, but is not suitable since it requires that the authorizations in the portal and in the BW system are maintained twice.

If you only want to use documents within BW applications, you do not need a security manager. In the dropdown box, choose "Not Set".

In KM you are using an iView for the document search. There are 20 documents in your BW system; ten of these however contain confidential information that should not be accessed by all users. If you choose the BW Security Manager for Documents for the CM repository, authorization checks are performed for all 20 documents. If users do not have authorization for the ten confidential documents, they are denied access to these documents and can only display the ten documents that do not contain confidential information in KM.


To call the BW Security Manager for Documents configuration, choose Start of the navigation path System Administration Next navigation step System Configuration Next navigation step Knowledge Management Next navigation step Repository Managers Next navigation step CM Repository End of the navigation path.

  1. Set the indicator for the CM repository for which authorizations are to be checked in the BW system when documents are accessed.

  2. Then choose Edit.

    The properties of the CM repository are displayed in the lower area of the screen.

  3. In the dropdown box for the security manager, choose BW Document Security Manager.