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The Java Functional Unit Configuration Tool allows you to automatically configure the required basic settings for portal and BI Java integration.


More information: Prerequisites for Initial Configuration of BI Java


You should only perform automatic configuration if the system has not been configured yet.


Initial Automatic Configuration

To automatically complete the basic steps for configuring the BI Java usage type (for integration into the portal), proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Java Functional Unit Configuration Tool.

    More information: Java Functional Unit Configuration.

  2. In the list of installed functional units, select BI Java and choose Automatic Configuration.

  3. Enter the required passwords and press Continue. A screen appears where you can enter the value that you want to set. Note the tips documented under prerequisites.

  4. You can access the documentation by pressing the Info icon.

  5. Choose Continue. The system executes the required settings. Once all the steps have been performed, a message appears informing you. You can call a log for each step.

  6. You have to restart the system for the settings to become operative.

Manual Configuration

If some steps are not completed successfully, you can perform them manually instead. Manual configuration is also required after an upgrade.

The following steps are performed by the configuration tasks and can also be performed manually:


We recommend using the Java-based SAP NetWeaver BW Diagnostics & Support Desk Tool (see SAP Note 937697 Information published on SAP site) to run an automatic check for your configuration.