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This procedure enables you to configure a service definition by creating a service endpoint for it. You can also configure a service definition by editing the service endpoints that are already available for the service definition in SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

More information about the underlying concepts: Configuration of Individual Web Services and Web Service Clients .

For Java Web services, depending on the configuration settings applied to a service definition (Web service) at design time in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, the system has the following behavior when that service definition is deployed:

  • When you deploy a service definition that has no configuration settings applied through annotations in the Developer Studio, the system creates a service endpoint with default runtime settings. In SAP NetWeaver Administrator, you can edit the settings of this service endpoint to apply your custom configuration settings, or explicitly create one with new settings.

  • When you deploy a service definition that has configuration settings only for properties of design time features in the Developer Studio, such as authentication level, or enablement of Web service reliable messaging, the system does not create a service endpoint . In SAP NetWeaver Administrator, you have to explicitly create a service endpoint to apply runtime configuration settings.


    When you configure the authentication level of a service endpoint in SAP NetWeaver Administrator, you can only increase the authentication level, which was already set in the Developer Studio. For example, if the authentication level of a Web service was set to BASIC in the Developer Studio, you cannot decrease it to NONE in SAP NetWeaver Administrator when you configure a service endpoint for the respective service definition.

More information about configuring Java Web services by using annotations in the Developer Studio: Configuring Web Services at Design Time .

You cannot edit the service endpoint created for a service definition as a result of SOA configuration for connectivity. More information about the underlying concepts of SOA configuration for connectivity: Configuration of Groups of Web Services . More information about configuring Web services through SOA configuration for connectivity: Configuring Groups of Web Services .


Single Service Administration application displays information about service definitions that use local connectivity. These service definitions are created and configured with the extensibility tools (for example Composite Designer ) in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and communicate only with AS Java systems. You cannot configure service definitions that use local connectivity in Single Services Administration application.


  1. Log on to SAP NetWeaver Administrator and find the Web service definitions, which you want to configure.

    For more information, see Locating Web Services .

  2. To configure the chosen service definition, proceed with one of the following:


The service endpoint is created. Optionally, you can test the service endpoint by using the Web Service Navigator. More information: Testing Web Services in the Web Services Navigator .

As a next step, you can configure the Web service client. More information: Configuring Individual Web Service Clients .