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Data warehousing forms the basis of an extensive business intelligence solution that allows you to convert data into valuable information. Integrated and company-specific data warehousing provides decision makers in your company with the information and knowledge they need to determine goal-oriented measures to ensure the success of the company. Data warehousing in SAP NetWeaver BW includes the following functions. You can apply these functions to data from any source (SAP or non SAP) and of any age (historic or current):

  • Integration

  • Transformation

  • Consolidation

  • Clean up

  • Storage

  • Staging for analysis and interpretation

Data warehousing in BW allows you to access source data directly at the source or physically store data in BW.

The Data Warehousing Workbench is the central tool for data warehousing tasks in BW.


The Data Warehouse data is available for reporting, analysis, and interpretation with the tools of SAP Business Explorer and SAP BusinessObjects. If you are storing data physically in BW, you can use the planning and analytical services tools to edit the data.