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To enable portal applications to be displayed in different languages, create resource bundles that hold all language- or country-specific text strings or other resources.

You can create a different resource bundles for each locale-country combination that you want to support, and then add these resource bundles to your WAR file. Your components can retrieve strings or other resources from these files.

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Resource Bundles in WAR Files

Place resource bundles in PORTAL-INF/private/ lib (when packaged in JAR files) or in PORTAL-INF/private/classes (as individual files). The file extension is .properties .

The name of the runtime resource bundle is defined in the ResourceBundleName profile property in the portalapp.xml file.

More information: Components .

Portal Translation Tools

The portal provides tools that enable content administrators to internationalize strings that they define in an iView, page or workset, such as the name of the iView or the value of iView properties.

Content administrators can also provide translations for text strings within resource bundles, essentially creating new resource bundles for locales that are not supported.

More information: Portal Content Translation .