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You use this procedure to create JMS SAF Agent References.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Create New Resource  Next navigation step  New JMS Saf Agent Reference End of the navigation path. The New JMS Saf Agent Reference Creation screen area opens.
  2. Choose Settings .
  3. Choose an application name from the Application Name dropdown list box.
  4. Create a JMS destination reference of type Local .
  5. Create a JMS connection factory reference of type Local .
  6. Create a JMS connection factory reference of type JNDI Context .
  7. Create a JMS destination reference of type Remote and assign it to the JMS connection factory reference of type JNDI Context .

    The destination and the connection factory references need to have the same application name specified.

  8. Complete the following fields:
    • Application Name

      Select from the dropdown list the same application as it is used for the JMS connection factory and destination references.

    • Saf Agent Name

      Enter a name for your SAF Agent. This name has to be unique.

    • (Optional) Message Selector

      If you want to use a message selector, enter its name. The SAF Agent sends the messages that correspond to this message selector to the remote destination. If you do not want to use message selectors, leave this field empty. In this way the SAF Agent sends all the messages from the local to the remote destination.

    • Select a local destination name from the Local Destination Name dropdown list.

    • Select a local factory name from the Local Factory Name dropdown list.

    • Select a remote destination name from the Remote Destination Name dropdown list.

    • To create additional properties, choose the Properties tab.


      In the current release of the JMS Provider, there are no additional properties related to the SAF Agent.

    • Choose Add New Property .

    • Enter a name and value for the property.

    • To save the JMS Saf Agent Reference , choose the Save button.