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Activating the OBN CacheLocate this document in the navigation structure


SAP NetWeaver Portal maintains a repository to cache OBN data. Object-based navigation looks for cached OBN targets before searching the PCD.

Caching can be switched on or off according to the needs of the environment. OBN caching considerably improves the performance of navigation to previously used targets in a production environment. Caching may not be desirable in a development or testing environment.


In the portal, navigate to Start of the navigation path System Administration Next navigation step System Configuration Next navigation step Cache Management Next navigation step  OBN Cache End of the navigation path. You can do the following:

  • Choose Disable Cluster Cache to disable the OBN cache in a clustered scenario.

    The cache is enabled by default. If you disable the cache, the button changes to Enable Cluster Cache , which you can choose to restart caching OBN data.

  • The Local Cache Management list shows the IDs of the roles whose iViews or pages are targets of OBN navigation. You can select a role and choose Clear . This removes the OBN targets associated with the role from the cache.

    You can also choose Clear All to clear the entire cache.


In the event of changes to OBN-related objects in the Portal Content Catalog (PCD), the OBN cache is cleared automatically. This makes the changes visible to the user at runtime without the need to clear the OBN cache manually.