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A comprehensive SAP NetWeaver Portal editor that gives a content administrator the ability to define dynamic role-based implementations for object-based navigation (OBN), and to control the behavior of the implementations at runtime.


In the OBN Editor, the administrator can do the following:

  • create business object operations, and determine their priorities

  • define operation target iViews or pages, and determine their priorities


The OBN Editor is comprised of two main areas:

  • Target Selection

    The target selection panel is in the left of the editor; it is from this area that navigation content is added as OBN navigation targets. It serves as an intermediary between the navigation content in the portal and implementing that content as OBN targets.

  • Navigation Manager

    The Navigation Manager is on the right side of the editor; it is in this area that the runtime configuration of OBN targets are displayed and edited.

Workflow of the Object-Based Navigation Editor

  1. Open the Object-Based Navigation Editor from a business object.

  2. Add navigation content to Target Selection.

  3. Create operations on top of the business object.

  4. Add implementations.

Opening the Object-Based Navigation Editor and Adding Content

Open the Object-Based Navigation Editor by right-clicking a business object under the Business Object folder in the Portal Catalog (or any subfolder) and choose Open Object .


If operations exist for the business object, the operations will appear in when the editor is opened under the Operations column of the Navigation Manager table. However, implementations which have previously been created will not appear.

To see the implementations, you must first add the relevant role to the target selection area-that is, the role to which the target iViews and/or pages belong.

For adding content, see Target Selection .

Creating Operations

The operations constitutes the connection between a business object and a related navigation target. To create a new operation for the business object:

  1. Choose New in the Navigation Manager area of the editor.

  2. In the dialog box that opens, enter a name and ID for the operation and choose OK .

  3. The new operation is appears under the Operation column.

    You can now add targets to it to create implentations.

  4. Choose Save to keep changes.

Adding Implementations

When an iView or page is added as a target to the Navigation Manager, it becomes an implementation of a specific business object operation. To add a content object as a target:

  1. Select the desired object in the target selection area.

  2. Right-click the object and choose Add as Target... .


    Right-clicking alone does not select the object. It must be selected first, as instructed in step 1.

  3. In the Select Operation dialog box that appears, choose an operation and click OK .

    The object is added to the Navigation Editor table under the selected operation.

  4. Choose Save to keep changes.