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You can set and modify the following application “context-wide” settings in your Web module:

  • Configure HTTP sessions - specify the following properties:

    • Session timeout - the HTTP session's expiration period. The default timeout is 30 minutes. If the timeout is less than or equal to 0, the Web Container never ends sessions.

    • Maximum sessions - the maximum concurrent user sessions that can exist for the particular Web module. The default value is -1 , that is, the Web Container does not apply limitations.

    You can configure HTTP sessions on a local or global level.

  • Configure URL session tracking - specify whether URL rewriting is always used for session tracking, or if it is only used when the client does not support cookies. The default value is false .

    You can configure URL session tracking on a local level (per application) only.

If you want to specify the local configuration values via the application deployment descriptors, use web.xml for session timeout, and web-j2ee-engine.xml for maximum sessions and URL session tracking.

More information about web-j2ee-engine.xml : Editing the web-j2ee-engine.xml

For more information about web.xml , refer to the Java Servlet specification at Sun Microsystems' Web site: .

More information about local and global configuration: Configuring Web Modules

  • To specify configuration parameters locally, you have opened SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

  • To specify configuration parameters globally, you have opened the Config Tool.


    If you are using the Config Tool to change settings of AS Java services, you have to restart the application server so that the new configuration values are applied.


Configuring Additional Settings Locally

  1. In SAP NetWeaver Administrator, choose the Start of the navigation path Configuration Next navigation step Infrastructure Next navigation step Application Modules End of the navigation path .

  2. Select a Web module in the Module List screen area. The Web Module Details screen area opens.

  3. Choose the Context tab in the Web Module Details screen area.

  4. Based on the settings you need to configure, enter custom values in the following fields:

    • To configure the HTTP sessions parameters, enter custom values in the following fields:

      • Maximum Sessions

      • Session Timeout

    • To enable or disable the use of URL rewriting for session tracking, select or deselect the Activate URL Session Tracking checkbox, respectively.

Configuring Additional Settings Globally

  1. In the Config Tool, expand the cluster node of your application server.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path services Next navigation step servlet_jsp End of the navigation path

  3. If necessary, choose Start of the navigation path View Next navigation step Expert Mode End of the navigation path to view the full list of properties.

  4. To configure the HTTP sessions parameters, enter custom values of the following properties:

    • Global_app_config/maxSessions for the maximum sessions

    • Global_app_config/session_config/sessionTimeout for the session timeout

  5. To apply the changes and restart the application server cluster, choose Start of the navigation path File Next navigation step Apply Changes End of the navigation path in the main menu.