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You can configure the Web modules of AS Java at two separate levels:

  • Global

    The Web modules parameters have global default values that the Web Container applies to applications that do not have local configuration.

    You can customize these global defaults using the Config Tool.

  • Local (per application)

    Web modules parameters configured per application apply with priority over the globally configured values.

    There are two options for configuring Web modules locally:

    • At runtime, using the SAP NetWeaver Administrator

    • At design time, via the application deployment descriptors - web-j2ee.engine.xml and web.xml


You can perform the following configuration tasks on the Web modules of AS Java:

  • View the current Web modules configuration.

    The Application Modules function of SAP NetWeaver Administrator displays all modules that are deployed on AS Java. You can view modules settings as defined on a global or a local level.

    For more information, see Viewing Web Modules Configuration .

  • Configure the cookies.

    If your application uses cookies, set local or global values of SAP-specific cookies and their attributes.

    For more information, see Configuring Cookies .

  • Configure the Web Dynpro runtime environment.

    You can specify these Web Dynpro settings on a local level only.

    For more information, see Configuring the Web Dynpro Runtime Environment

  • Configure additional settings.

    Set and modify session-related properties of your Web modules:

    For more information, see Configuring Additional Settings .