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SAP NetWeaver Portal enables the exchange of objects between application servers by means of transport packages. A transport package is a transportable archive file with a .epa extension, that contains the objects for export and import to and from different portal systems.


We recommend to only transport content from a lower version to a higher version, or to another system with the same version.

The processes involved for moving content between different portal systems are the creation, export, and import of packages, as well as additional aspects necessary to understand and perform the correct transport of content.

The packages and data for import and export, as well as the log files for migrating content objects, are stored in the relevant directories of the file system on the Java server. These directories are defined in the PCD (Portal Content Directory) configuration. For more information, see Configuring Transport .

In addition to the transport of portal objects, such as iViews and pages, portal content packages can include object dependencies, personalization data, themes, and object permissions. The basic procedures are described in the following sections: