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Defining the Sort Sequence of Top-Level Navigation NodesLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can define the display sequence of nodes in the first level of top-level navigation by prioritizing each node.

You define priorities by assigning a value between 0 and 100 to each item. Values may include decimal numbers.

The lower the value of the navigation node priority, the further left it displays in top-level navigation. The item with the lowest value appears to the far left and the others follow in the order of their priorities.


For usability, more frequently used nodes should be placed further to the left; therefore, they should be assigned lower values. For example, 1 should be used as the priority value for items that are used daily, while 50 is more suitable for rarely used items.

If you want to place two entry items next to each other, you can use a decimal number priorities, for example, 1.1 and 1.2.

The default value is 100.

  • You have created freestyle roles and worksets for your users.

  • You have defined navigation nodes within your roles and worksets.

  • You have determined the sequence of the navigation nodes for each level.

  1. From the Portal Catalog, right-click a freestyle role or workset and choose Start of the navigation path Open Next navigation step Role/Workset End of the navigation path. The role or workset opens in the appropriate editor.

  2. In the displayed editor, select one of the following:

    • The root node of the role or workset hierarchy

    • A workset or folder within the role or workset hierarchy

    • A folder within a workset of the role or workset hierarchy

  3. From the link bar, choose Properties to display the Properties editor, and choose All to display the full list of object properties.

  4. Choose Modify Properties to activate the editor.

  5. Locate the Sort Priority property and enter a numeric value in the Value column.

  6. Save your changes, and in the same way, assign values to all the navigation nodes that you want at specific locations in top-level navigation.

  7. In SAP NetWeaver Administrator, locate the application and the service navigation .

    For more information, see Accessing Portal Services in SAP NetWeaver Administrator

  8. In the Sort Initial Nodes property, set one of the following values:

    • 1 : Sorts nodes according to sort priority. This is the default value.

    • 2 : Sorts nodes alphabetically.

    • 3 : Sorts nodes by sort priority and then alphabetically within the sort priority.

  9. Save and restart the service.


    If the navigation cache is enabled, clear the cache manually after making changes to the navigation service.

    For more information, see Caching Navigation Nodes .

Enable the Reordering of Top-Level Navigation Entries at Runtime

You can allow portal users to drag items in top level navigation to reorder them. The new order is saved as part of the user's personalization scheme. You can also specify that a number of top-level navigation entries remain fixed.

  1. In the portal go to Start of the navigation path Content Administration Next navigation step Portal Display Next navigation step Framework Page Configuration End of the navigation path.

  2. In the Personalization section, configure the following properties:

    • Enable Dragging of Tabs : Enables portal users to rearrange the order of top-level navigation tabs.

      Default value: Selected

    • Number of Fixed Entries : Defines the number of entries (from the left) that cannot be repositioned in top-level navigation.


You can decide that entry points F1 and F2 of role 1 should appear in the fifth and second location; entry points F5 and F6 of role 2 at the sixth and fourth location, and; entry points F8 and F9 of role 3 at the first and third location of top-level navigation. The following figure shows how you should define the priorities for the entry points so that they appear in the desired order in your portal.

Figure 1: Defining Sort Priority