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Defining a Proxy Server for the PortalLocate this document in the navigation structure


The portal supports working through a network proxy server to control and limit access to resources outside the company domain.

This section describes how to define a proxy for the portal by setting the system properties for the proxy server.


Creating Web-based URL iViews that employ the server-side fetch method (see Fetch Method property in URL iView Properties ) use the proxy settings defined on the portal server, as described below.

URL iViews that employ the client-side fetch method rely on the proxy settings defined in the browser of each portal user.


In addition to the procedure described here, it is possible to define proxy setting using XML script. For more information, see XML Content and Actions .

Setting the Properties

You configure services in SAP NetWeaver Administrator. To specify the proxy server property values, configure the following application and service:

  • portal application -

  • service - proxy

For more information, see Accessing Portal Services in SAP NetWeaver Administrator .

Proxy Properties

The values set here are for the system settings of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The following table lists the proxy system properties for the HTTP protocol.


The same properties apply for HTTPS and FTP; for example, HTTPS - Enable Proxy Setting and FTP - Bypass Proxy Servers .



HTTP - Enable Proxy Setting *

In order to work through a proxy, enter true

HTTP Proxy Host *

IP address or name of the proxy server

HTTP Proxy Port *

Port number of the proxy server

HTTP - Bypass Proxy Servers *

Hosts that should be connected to directly and not through the proxy server. The value can be a list of hosts, each separated by a pipe (|) symbol.

You may use a wildcard character ( * ) for matching.

Example: *|*|*

Authentication Properties

Configure the following properties for basic authentication:

  • Sets user name for proxy basic authentication

  • Sets password for proxy basic authentication

Firewall Properties

Configure the following properties in the event that a firewall is part of your network configuration:

  • Firewall Proxy Host

  • Firewall Proxy Port

  • Firewall - Enable Proxy Setting (for which you enter true to activate)


Properties for which no values are entered are ignored and do not override existing values.

JVM Settings

Overwrite JVM Settings - If you configured proxy server properties directly in the AS Java JVM, set this property to false to avoid overwriting the JVM properties at the startup or at a restart of the service. The default setting is false .

Restarting Services

After setting the proxy property values, you need to restart the following services: