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The content fetching service, related to the application cache, has one property, Enable Client-Side Caching , which controls the client browser cache.

You can configure the value of the Enable Client-Side Caching property as follows:




The service uses the browser cache for each iView whose Allow Client-Side Caching property is set to true .


The service:

  • Is disabled

  • Does not use the browser cache

  • Overrides the settings of the iViews, even those whose Allow Client-Side Caching property is set to true

All other properties connected to the application cache are configured at the iView level.

The portal also provides an infrastructure that supports loading BW iViews in a full proxy mode.

For more information about both of these topics, see Navigation Caching .

Setting the Enable Client-Side Caching Property

Configure services in SAP NetWeaver Administrator. You need to know:

  • The name of the portal application:

  • The name of the service: contentFetchingService

For more information, see Accessing Portal Services in SAP NetWeaver Administrator .

Reactivating a Disabled Service

For more information about reactivating a disabled service, see Starting and Stopping Portal Services .