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The body of an error document for HTTP logon errors is usually in HTML or XML format. However, some tags have a special meaning.

<NO_TRANSLATION>...</NO_TRANSLATION>: The text between the tags consists of technical code that is not translated.

There are also the following tags with the format <%=...%>. These tags are replaced at runtime. You can use these tags to register an application-specific error text that is displayed when errors occur. The following information can then be added to the general error message to make the problem easier to identify and solve:

System-Specific Data

  • <%=SYUNAME%>: User name

  • <%=SYMANDT%>: Client

  • <%=SYLANGU%>: Language

  • <%=SYHOST%> : Server name

  • <%=SYSYSID%>: System Name

  • <%=SYOPSYS%>: Operating System

  • <%=SYDBSYS%>: Database Type

  • <%=SYSAPRL%>: System release

  • <%=SYDATUM%>: Date

  • <%=SYUZEIT%>: Time

  • <%=SYDYNNR%>: Screen number

  • <%=SYREPID%>: Report ID

  • <%=SYECODE%>: ICF Error Code

  • <%=SYXPROG%>: Name of ABAP Program

  • <%=SYTCODE%>: Transaction Code

  • <%=SYETEXT%>: Error Text (System)

  • <%=SYMSGID%>: System Message ID

  • <%=SYMSGTY%>: Message Type

  • <%=SYMSGNO%>: Message Number

  • <%=SYMSGV1%>: Placeholder for Message #1

  • <%=SYMSGV2%>: Placeholder for Message #2

  • <%=SYMSGV3%>: Placeholder for Message #3

  • <%=SYMSGV4%>: Placeholder for Message #4

Request-Specific Data

  • <%=PATHTRANS%> : ICF search path within URL

  • <%=FORMFIELD%> : All form fields of document (in text format)

  • <%=FORMFIELD_B64%>: All form fields of document (in Base64 format)

  • <%=MESSAGE%> : Short text of error message

  • <%=ABAPCALLSTACK%>: ABAP Callstack

  • <%=ERRORCODE%> : Name of ABAP runtime error

Example Program: Error Document

An ABAP Application Server program shows you how you can use error documents. To do this, follow the procedure below:

  1. Call transaction SICF.

  2. In the hierarchy, choose the path: default_host/sap/bc/error/template.

  3. Double-click the template service.

  4. Choose Error Pages and then Change.

  5. To display the program code, go to Body , and choose Display/Change.



    <H1><NO_TRANSLATION> 500 SAP Internal Server Error</NO_TRANSLATION></H1>

    <B>Error Message:</B><%=MESSAGE%><BR />

    <B>Addtional Information About the Termination:</B>

    <BR />

    <B>Termination Type:</B><%=SYETEXT%>

    <BR />


    <BR />


    <BR />


    <BR />


    <BR />


    <BR />


    <BR />


    <BR />

    <B>Error Code:</B><%=ERRORCODE%>

    <BR />