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Opening an Object for Processing (OpenForEdit)Locate this document in the navigation structure


The Web service for editing configuration objects is described in the OpenForEdit of the service interface <Configuration Object Type>In .

With this operation you can read a list of objects and at the same time lock them in the change list.


This operation cannot be applied to integration process components.

The following message types are assigned to the operation:

  • <Configuration Object Type>OpenForEditRequest

    Based on the data type <Configuration Object Type>DeleteOpenForEditIn.


    • ChangeListID (the ID of the change list in which the objects the objects are to be locked).

      If you do not update a change list ID then a new change list will be generated.

    • <Configuration Object Type>ID (List of object keys)

  • <Configuration Object Type>OpenForEditResponse

    Based on the data type <Configuration Object Type>OpenForEditOut.

    Contains parameters that are displayed when an object is opened/edited.

    The Web service returns the following parameters:

    • List of objects with all attributes.

    • Change list ID.

    • Error Messages