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The Web service for deleting objects in the Integration Directory is described in the Delete operations of the service interface <Configuration Object Type>In .

You cannot delete objects and their dependent objects. If the object is blocked in the change list of another user, then the action is terminated and an error message displayed.

You can delete an object that is still being used by other objects. In this case a message is displayed. You cannot activate the deletion in this case.

The following message types are assigned to the operation:

  • <Configuration Object Type>DeleteRequest

    Based on the data type <Configuration Object Type>DeleteOpenForEditIn .

    This data type has the following parameters:

    • ChangListID

      If you want to manage the deleted objects in a particular change list, then enter the change list ID.

      If you do not enter a change list IDs then a new change list is created and the change list ID displayed.

    • <Configuration Object>ID (List of object keys of objects to be deleted)

  • ConfigurationObjectModifyResponse

    Based on the data type ConfigurationObjectModifyOut .

    This data type contains parameters that are displayed when an object is deleted.