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The Web service for searching configuration objects is described in the Query of the service interface <Configuration Object Type>In .

Using this operation you can search objects in the Integration Directory and restrict the search to specific search criteria.

The following message types are assigned to the operation:

  • <Configuration Object Type>QueryRequest

    Based on the data type <Configuration Object Type>QueryIn .

    The object key, administrative information (more information: Cross Object Type Elements) and the object description are optional call parameters. If you do not specify any parameters, then all communication parties will be displayed by the search.

    If you search by the date (in the administrative information) then it will search for objects that were last changed on that date.

    If you enter a string that does not contain any characters (an empty string), then the system interprets this as the wildcard character (*).

    If you enter one or more empty characters then the system interprets this as an empty string.

    If you use the string * or #, then you have to put the escape string at the start.

    In value mappings you can also search by group name (GroupName), identification schema (schemeID), agency (schemeAgencyID) and value (value).

  • <Configuration Object Type>QueryResponse

    Based on the data type <Configuration Object Type>QueryOut

    Contains parameters that are displayed during a search for a objects. The Web Service returns a list of object keys and, if necessary, error messages.