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This section describes the most important elements of the Web Service description for the various different configuration object types.

For every object type there is (in the related folder for the object type):

  • A data type that describes the object key ( <Configuration Object Type>ID )

  • Two (identically constructed) data types that each describe the content of the object with all attributes:

    • <Object Type> (for read operations)

    • Restricted <Object Type> (for write operations)


      There are two different structures for reading and writing operations because there are normally fewer attributes changed in a writing operation than can be displayed in a reading operation.

Note the explanations of the elements ObjectAdministrativeDataRestricted and ObjectAdministrativeData under Cross-Object Type Elements

In particular the administrative information of all object types cannot be changed. In addition to this, in the object type BusinessSystemComponent there are other differences between reading and writing access.

For more information, see: Communication Component (section Business System )


If you would like to deal with more complex configuration objects (for example Communication channels), then also see section 6 under Working with more Complex Conifuration Objects in addition to the section relating to the corresponding object type.