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You find the Web service description for a sender agreement in the following data types. You find the data types in the Sender Agreement folder.

Web Service Description

Data Type


MessageHeaderID (in Common folder)

Specifies object key


The same data structure is used for the object key for receiver determinations, interface determinations, sender agreements, receiver agreements, and direct connections.

For more information, see: Receiver Determination

SenderAgreement (or RestrictedSenderAgreement)

Defines the sender agreement with all attributes.

  • MasterLanguage , AdministrativeData , and Description ; more information: Cross-Object-Type Elements

  • SenderAgreementID : Object key

  • CommunicationChannel : Specifies the assigned sender communication channel.

  • AdapterSpecificAttribute : Adapter-specific attributes of the sender agreement.

    The adapter-specific attributes are dependent on the adapter type of the assigned communication channel.

  • AdapterSpecificTableAttribute for table-type attributes.

  • AssignedUser : Assigned service user


    If you have restricted the access to the runtime to particular service users for a sender service, you can refine these restrictions with respect to the sender interface. Assign the authorized users to the sender agreement that contains the service and the interface in the object key.